I don’t have time...

You’ve heard it. You’ve even said it. It’s a classic default excuse when you need to do something but you don’t want to do it.  We are all guilty of using this excuse. I, in fact, am the guiltiest. (Case and point, this blog post)

This excuse is the quickest way to ensure that you avoid achieving the goals you want to achieve. Do you want to know something else about this excuse? Lean in close because this is a game changing secret...

 Your excuse sucks!

Call me blunt, but it needed to be said.  

The problem isn’t time, or the lack there of. The problem comes down to mismanagement of time. You have the time, but you’re looking at time all wrong.  You have to shift how you look at time before you can kill this excuse once and for all.

Time is a resource you leverage to achieve your goals. You have a ton of other resources, but they are mostly renewable. Time is something you cannot get back. Once it is gone, it’s gone. But you know this. So why act like you don’t? 

You need to treat your time like it is the most valuable commodity you own. Because it is. Money comes and goes. Time does not. Each moment you have is precious. Each moment can push you toward your goal or pull you away. You have to decide which it will be. 

So here’s the plan to begin managing your time: 

  1.  Write out list of all that you spend your time doing . Work, family, friends, gym, side hustle, insagram scrolling, Tinder swiping, whatever you do. (Start by logging your hourly activities to be extra through)
  2. Begin giving those activities a priority. Be reasonable. You need to work, so that should be at the top. Do you need to swipe left and right for two hours before bed? Doubt it. So that would go toward the bottom.  
  3. Decide how much time those activities will get. You know work is about 8 hours. You should be sleeping for about 8. That’s 16 hours already. What will the other 8 be filled with? Start at the top of your list and allocate your time accordingly. 

You will likely find out that you don’t have as much time to do some of the things you want to do. That is why we prioritized the list. Those items on the bottom will need to go, so you can focus your time and energy on the things that matter most.  

Trust me, you have the time. You’re just not allocating it to the things that truly matter. Your time is the most valuable asset you own. Use it wisely