Not Staying Down

So given my situation (if you don't know what I mean, head to the "Don't Call It a Comeback" post) I had two options.  

1. Accept the fact that my photography was done and find some other creative outlet. Which I thought I had found through playing guitar at my church. But I didn't have the passion and draw to it like I did photography.  

2. I could not take this lying down and move forward to create with what I was at my disposal. Which I didn't do for some time. 

It wasn't until I was approached to create a video for my gym that I saw the opportunity take option two. So I took to using what I had; a good ole iPhone 7.  

Oh and remember when I didn't have a laptop? I had to use my wife's, which present a challenge since she was in school and we had to share one device.  

But I made it work despite what I thought would be challenges that couldn't be overcome. Lo and behold, they could be overcome! I just had to get after them to see what would happen.  

Now I am ready to press on with a renewed drive to pursue a passon even though I thought I was ill-equipped. Little by little, I am gathering things back to get me to the next stage. A laptop we thought that had gone to MacBook heaven fired up and runs great! A little RAM upgrade and a new battery, and she is purring like a cute, little kitty. A little bit of birthday cash led to the funds to get a new set of lenses (thank you Best Buy for your awesome deal!) I have been offered camera bodies to use in the mean time! I am gaining traction on the road to getting back in the game!

You may ask, "Chris, don't you need clients to use that equipment for?" And the answer is obviously "yes!" And that is something I have. I've had requests for shoots (both video and photo) and for video editing.  

Lesson here? Don't let your circumstances dictate what you do. You can take the hand you're dealt and go all-in, though the odds seem stacked against you. You'll never know if you can beat the dealer until you play the hand.