On to the Next One

So now you can consider yourself officially up to speed. We are no longer looking backward, but forward. Forward to what can be. Forward to new possibilities. Because we know that the only failure in getting knocked down is staying down. 

Now what you ask? Allow me to tell you!

I am getting after it again! I am grateful for the resources I have to get going again. Now it time to put those to use. I am now booking shoots for whatever your needs may be. Graduation photos? Yep! Family portraits? Chyeah. Maternity pics? You bet! Photos for your website? Absol-toot-ly! A video for you business? Let's do it! (Yeah, I recently have been doing videos now!)

The next shoots I book will go to fund restoring the equipment that was taken from me. So let's help each other out. I can get you some awesome photos, and you can help me get some awesome gear! Just a great, big cycle of giving and love!

So what do you say? Can I help you help me? Click here to find out how!