Fundraiser Shoots

If you got the chance to read the blog post 'On to the Next One', I throw out the notion of you helping me, help you. Here's how we make that happen!

This is the place to book those shoots that will help restore that which was taken from me back in December. To the right, you will find the rates for the fundraiser shoots. If you have a need for something that isn't listed, let me know! I would still love to see what we can do together!

Head on over to the Contact page, fill out the form, and let me know you'd love to help with the fundraising!



  1. 2 hours of coverage......... $250
  2. 1.5 hours of coverage...... $200
  3. 1 hour of coverage........... $150

*All shoots include post-processing on select digital images. All selected images are provided on a USB flash drive and/or Dropbox link.